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Attapeu ethnic minorities peopleAttapeu, the most southeastern tip province of Laos Province, is also the best known for the Bolaven Plateau, sharing borders with Sekong in the north, Champassack in the west, Vietnam in the East and Cambodia in the South. The Bolaven Plateau is covered in the Champassak section and easily accessed from Pakse, in Champassak province.

The province has a total population of around 87,700, with more more Lao Loum than the neighboring provinces, consists of five districts: Saysettha, Sanamxay and Phouvong. Most of the population in Saravane, Sakong, Attapeu is plunders minorities, comprising nine major tribes: Alak, Katang, Kaleum, Katou, Suay, Nge, Lave, Tahoy, Nyajeung. The capital town Samakhi Xai is built in a large picturesque valley surrounded by mountains and also in the loop of the river, opposite the confluence of the Sekong and Sekhamane Rivers.

Attapeu province is rugged, wild and very scenic, but transportation is very difficult, especially by land in the rainy season. Parts of the Ho Chi Minh Trail can be explored from Attapeu, although using a local guide is essential.

In early morning you can visit the traditional market, where many different minorities go to buy and sell their product.




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