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Laos is ideal place for buying handicrafts and souvenirs. Vientiane city offers a wide variety of shopping opportunities. Varieties of handmade product of wood, gold, silver or precious stones are widely sold in department store (Talat Sao), many shops and market. But shopping is not limited to Vientiane city. All the major provinces are also offered with variety of shopping opportunities. Once again, every visitor should ruuber that it is forbidden to take any antiques or Buddha images (which are older than 50 years) out of the country. Therefore such itus brought into Laos from other countries have to be declared at customs.




They are non-profit organization. The products are entirely handmade using traditional patterns and techniques.

Address : Nokeo Khummane Road (opposite Douang Douane Hotel)

Phone : (856-21) 561 597

Website :


Laha Boutique

A wide of variety of products that include clothing, accessories and furnishings are made for Laha from uniquely dyed and woven textiles.

Address : Francoignin St., Opposite Taipan Hotel

Phone : (856-21) 241 932

Website :



Fostering traditional silkworm rearing, reeling, weaving, and natural dyeing in villages, while providing training, tools and a market for sale and distribution.

Address : Nokeo Khummane Road (opposite Douang Douane Hotel)

Email :

Website :


Noi Noi Shop

Noi-Noi Shop (meaning ‘small-small') sells ChildSafe products. They receive regular payments for their products, and all profits help sustain the project and support basic welfare services for the families.

Address : Above Hanahan Makphet, Settathirath Road, Vientiane.

Phone : 020 24 88 383

Email :

Website :


Lao Cotton State Enterprise

The crafts include cotton fabric, clothing, interior furnishings, hand bags and other handicrafts.

Address : Vientiane

Phone : 021 215 840

Email :


Lao Magic Carpets

The vision is to establish a large-scale, village-based, handmade silk carpet industry in Laos.

Address : Luang Prabang Road, Vientiane

Phone : 021 216854

Email :

Website :


Les Artisans Lao

Les Artisans Lao provides apprenticeships in the production of original handicrafts made from recycled wood or non-timber forest products such as coconut, bamboo etc.

Address : Ban Mixay, Vientiane

Phone : 021 223 178

Email :

Website :


Ekkalak Lao

The Ekkalak Lao Gallery in Vientiane markets the work of several associations of Lao artisans, promoting local handicrafts from over 30 different producers, mostly mubers of the Lao Handicrafts Association.

Address : Route 13, near Patuxai,Vientiane

Phone : 021 263 952

Email :

Website :






Tel: 254761 - Add: 71 Ban Wat Nong Street

This non - profit curates three exhibitions annually and promotes textiles from the diverse ethnic minorities of Laos. The quality is superb and the products are an education in Lao culture thuselves.



Add: Vatmou-Enna Street.

It targets the discerning shopper with east-meet-west clothing in natural fabrics and dyes, designer jewelry, handicrafts, book on Lao cuisine, architecture and craft.


Naga Creation

Tel: 020-7775005

Add: Th Sisavangvong.

Specializing in jewelry, it procedures individual masterpieces using a variety of precious stones and silver. All itus are hand crafted and you can see the jewelers at work in the store.



Tel: 254406

Th Sivavangvong offers naturally Lao silk and cotton, custom-tailored clothes, household decorative itus. Fabric can also be purchased.

Pathana Boupha Antique House

Tel: 212 262

Add: 24/9 Ban Visoun Street

In an impressive old French mansion, it carries antique statuary, jewelry, silverwork, royal Lao government currency and photos, mostly from the Lao owner private collection.


Thithpeng Maniphone

Ban Wan That.

This crafted silverware for Luang Prabang royalty before 1975. It has 15 apprentice silversmiths but still does the most dedicate work himself.

Pathana Boupha Antique House



Handicraft night market

Add: Corner Th Sisavangvong & Th Kitsarat

Opening hour: 5am - 11pm

Held along Th Sisavangvong from the Royal Palace Museum to Th Kitsarat with dozens of traders sell silk scarves and wall hangings every evening, Handicraft night market is one of Luang Prabang’s biggest tourist lures.

You can find almost everything here with a very cheap price like: T-shirts, clothing, shoes, paper, silver, bags, ceramics, bamboo lamps and more.


Fresh produce market

Opening hour: 5.30am - 4pm, Sat - Mon

A colorful market that fills the street between The Sisavangvong and the Mekong in Ban Pakam. You can watch locals stock up on leafy greens, eggs, dried shrimp and live frogs. It’s very photogenic and best in the early morning.

Talat Phosy is a huge warehouse like structure built by the Chinese, encompassing the biggest market for fresh produce, meats, herbs and just about any other basic requisite of Lao life. There’s also a Chinese market, opposite the Luang Prabang Provincial Stadium on the outskirts of town, selling dry goods, textiles and hardware.

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