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Laos Tours

Laos Tours

Laos Hotels

THREELAND offers a widest range of accommodation in Laos, from standard hotels to luxury isolated resorts. Rooms are mostly ensuite and hotel rates are inclusive of breakfast, despite how low categories they are. The budget B&B and hostels with shared bathrooms are as rare as apartments with kitchenettes for your own cooking. If you see it as a chance to taste street food, you will definitely satisfy with abundant categories of hotels you can find in Laos. Most of them are inclusive of good air-conditioners, TV, hot shower, free tea or coffee and comfortable furnitures, except in the remote mountain areas.

Within the limit of this website we devide our favorite hotels into Superior, 1st Class and Deluxe Hotels. The Luxury Resorts are arranged as a part of Deluxe hotels. In general, we do not encourage the usage of other categories lower than Superior. For more details, contact our tour consultants at for instant advice.

Deluxe Hotels


Deluxe hotels in Laos are really good hideaways for the inhouse guests, comparable to boutique five-star hotels in developed countries with extensive area, much privacy, big swimming pool and gorgeous surrounding. Many of them are featured by colonial style with comfy rooms, facilities and excellent spa. In remote areas, deluxe hotels are often designed as bungalows or attached with excellent waterfalls, the branches of the mighty Mekong or other stunning view.


First Class Hotels

novotel hotel

First class hotels in Laos are diversified between areas. Great boutique hotels can be found in Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng with excellent view, easy access to shadowy walking areas. In Vientiane, Pakse and exciting towns, first class hotels are very deluxe with comfy rooms, excellent English-speaking staff and eco-friendly facilities, thanks to the trendy usage of wood, bamboo and local attractive handicrafts. Some hotels in Vientiane and Savanakhet have casino and discotheque with efficient antinoise design. Thanks to Laos’ limitation of the height, most of First Class hotels are extensive and friendly-looking with mild gardens and green ambience. 


Superior Hotels

Golf Hotel

Hotels in Laos are not ranked by “stars” as in Vietnam so the definition of Superior, First Class or Deluxe hotels are all indicated by the Threelanders. Laos hotels reflect much of the Laos culture, with pleasant and friendly staff, cozy atmosphere, clean and light rooms with good TV, air-con, big windows, wooden interior and good local foods. Most of them are comparable with 3-star and boutique hotels in developed countries. All the Superior Hotels used by Threeland in Laos are located in the centre of the town and very easily accessible to travel routes and landmarks.


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