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Laos Tours

Laos Tours

Laos Tours

Laos  Highlight Tours

Threeland offers the most interesting Laos tours, cover all Cultural World Heritages and nature sights including mysterious Luang Prabang and ancient Khme arts at ruin Wa Phou as well as breathtaking views of Northern Laos countryside.

Indochina Tours

Possessing more direct international flights than any countries of the Indochina Peninsula, Vietnam is considered the biggest destination amongst the three Indochines countries. Yet, things change rapidly, and Cambodia and Laos are attracting more and more flights as well as successful in upgrading their landway and riverway.

Laos Adventure Tours

A green country with primary dense rain forests, big rivers and high mountains offers the real Laos tours of adventures with cycling travel, Laos trekking, land expedition and Laos elephant riding. Come to enjoy the purity of Laos nature travel.

Cruise Tours

The Mekong river runs along country offer great Laos cruises tours for who want to try a different feeling of Mekong life. Enjoy the challenging with speed long tailed boat or relax with leisurely cruising in the area of 400 islands.

Short Break Tours

Threeland offers some typical Laos short tours in the most exciting areas including Luang Prabang, Vientiane and Highland Southern Laos. They are really great extensions from Vietnam tours, Thailand tours and Cambodia travel.

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