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Luangnamtha peopleLocated in the northern part of Laos, Luang Namtha shares its northwestern border with Myanmar and its northeastern border with China. It is the wonderful place for the travel purpose of environment, social, cultural, historical and development factors, which make the site an excellent location to, evaluated the potential for sustainable cultural and ecotourism in and around a protected area. The forests are dense, and cover near 99% of the protected area.

The province is mountainous and is home to large numbers of minorities. The area is populated by a variety of different ethnic groups. They consist of Khamu, Akha, Hmong, and Yao (Mien). Besides, the province also consist of the lowland Lao, Tai Lue, Thai Neua and Thai Dam who live in village just outside the protected area and the historic town of Muang Sing. Muang Sing originally formed part of group of principalities loosely linked under the leadership of political entity called the Sipsongpanna whose political seat centered in southern Yunnan province, China.

This province has a picturesque beauty with mountains, and many old temples, although many temple have been destroyed during the war, there still remains one major attraction, and old temple noticeably from other classical temples. UNESCO are funding a ecotourism project in Luang Namtha that will be capable of sustaining sustainable development in the province. The concept of the project is to provide education, conservation, management and sustainable economic benefits for the local population.


Getting there

Muangxing Luangnamtha- By air: Lao Aviation flies to and from Houay Xai and Luang Prabang and Vientiane. Lao Aviation's domestic timetable.

- By bus: Buses run from Houay Xai, Muang Xai and from the Chinese border at Boten.

- By land: It is possible to enter Laos at Boten from Mengla district in Yunnan province on the Chinese border. You will need a visa in before entering Laos. From Boten, the capital Luang Namtha is about three hours away.


Muang Xing

The town of Muang Xing lies on the river plains of the Nam La to the northwest of Luang Namtha. The town is a historic centre that was formerly an outpost of the Sipsongpanna Empire based in southern Yunnan in China. The town is home to a number of ethnic minorities as well as lowland Lao, Tai Lue, Thai Neua and Thai Dam. The town of Muang Xing has a number of guesthouses where trekking and hiking trips can be arranged.

The Nam Ha National Biodiversity Conservation Area is located in the southwest of Luang Namtha - a pristine habitat of dense tropical rainforest covering almost all of the protected area. Wild cattle (gaur and banteng), Asian wild dogs, tigers, clouded leopard, bears and gibbons also having in the forests and there is still a large bird population. South west of Luang Namtha, the still pristine forests of Nam Ha protected area with varieties of wildlife and vegetation can be found.



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