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Waterffall in SaravaneSaravane (or Salavan), a southeastern province situated on the Bolavens Plateau, is devoted to agriculture and nature and offering idyllic scenery. A prehistoric site exists not far from the cascades where a wonderful scene can be seen. Salavan province is home to the Phu Xieng Thong National Biodiversity Conservation Area, covering nearly 1,000 sq km in the western part of the province next to the Mekong river. It is thought that Asiatic black bear, bantam, clouded leopard, Douc langur, elephant, gibbon, guar, Siamese crocodile and tiger inhabit this area.

Within a cave huge stone caskets piled one on top of the other, the province provides not only beauty but interesting thoughts as to how it originated.


Tat Lo Lodge

It's located on the Northern edge of the Bolaven Plateau right beside the Sexet Dam; it's only 10 meters high. The bungalows are blended into the embankment surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. A tour of the area on elephant back is an exotic attraction, or exploring the ethnic minority villages on the Bolaven Plateau can provide a variety of interests.



hilltribe people sekongSekong, the best known for the Bolaven Plateau is situated in the heart of the southeastern part of Laos has common borders with Saravane to the west, Champasak and Attapeu to the south and Vietnam to the east. The province has a total population of around 64,200.

Sekong province is rugged, wild and very scenic, but transportation is very difficult, especially by land in the rainy season. Dotted through out are villages and small towns; such as Lave, Lanam, Kaleum, Dakchung and Thateng, where the majority of people follow and the unchanging lifestyle of traditional farming.

village sekongOverall, the Sekong river valley is characterized by a landscape of a fertile plain patterned with a patchwork of rice paddies and fruits orchard.

It's also a complex geographical conditions form colorful Eco-Tourism resources because it's famous by rich of untouchable tropical forest, home to many rare species of flora and fauna.





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