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A must-see cave in Laos

After upgraded the access road and built with various facilities, the Khounland Cave was officially open to the public in April 7.Khounland Cave is in Kasi District, Vientiane. Kasi is about 200 km far from Vientianne and 60km beyond Vang Vieng. It is said that Khounland is much more spectacular than many other caves in Vientiane, even those in the historical Vang Vieng.


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Khounland Cave lands at an area of thick forest and terraced rice field which owns such a beautiful waterfall and two streams meeting at the edge of a cliff, creating a 30- meter- cascade. Here you can have a walk around one to three hours for contemplating. Visiting the Cave, people also can learn about the lifestyle of Khmu and Yao communities living nearby. There are nine levels in cave, but at this time just three of them can be explored because the rest levels are under construction.

This Cave is really ideal destination for your trip. Last year, despite of its unofficial opening, there were more than 4000 people visited here. Contact us for the best care for your trip to Indochina.

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